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Title: Justin Brown - Cam Failure #310

10/12/2003, updated 10/14/2003

We have a 96SHO with 73000 miles that we just bought, knowing that the cam had failed 3 years ago. The car sat for 3 years because the previous owner couldn't afford to have it repaired. It's in a shop now ( I just found your website tonight) and the mechanic wants to do a complete teardown of the engine to see if the bent cam caused any internal damage to the engine. Do you feel this is necessary or should we just have him replace the cam and then take it to one of the shops that do the welding and have them evaluate it?
It's interesting that when I talked to a Ford dealership yesterday they told me they've never heard of any problems with the cams on the SHO engine. They said that engine is bullet-proof. I almost took it there, but not now, not after reading your site.
Justin Brown

I am awaiting further details, however their "trusted mechanic" wanted to drop the whole engine out for teardown. I politely suggested they contact one of our people listed for a second opinion.

1. VIN#s 1FALP54N0TA259197
2. Date of malfunction: 11/07/00
3. City Streets
4. 73000
5. 35 MPH
6.Cruising, no acceleration or gas
7. 10/3/03 Used
9. Justin Edward Brown. . Lancaster, OH 43130. Anytime
10. Just cruising down a hill in the city slowing for a traffic light, suddenly the engine just died and would not start. 
11. Ricart Ford in Columbus, Ohio
12. I did not. Ford said that the SHO engines are bulletproof, and I must have done something wrong. 
13. No Ford Dealership
14. None 
15. Appeared to be a walking cam.
16. Pending
17. Repair my problem at no charge to me, and admit there was a design flaw.


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