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Justin Ross - Cam Failure #291

new 8/14/03

Hi, my name is Justin Ross, and I guess I'm the latest "cam victim". I've read everybody else' experience and mine is very similar. It all started with a clicking sound that got progressively louder. Fortunately I got it to my mechanic before it committed suicide. I took it to my trusted mechanic instead of the stealer for obvious reasons, and now when I called the help line they said I might not qualify for any financial assistance since I didn't take it to the dealer first. He has ordered a new cam I and is going to pin the other 3...I could really use some advice on this matter, as well as any other similar experiences.

Here's my info
2) 7-28-03
3) city streets
4) 69,000
5) 5 m.p.h. (when I first noticed)
6) stop and go
7) Dec 2002
8) 32,000
9) Justin D. Ross 
10) Only noticed clicking sound because I was in the Dairy Queen drive thru with my window down.
12) Somewhat...they suggested having dealer diagnose before any action was taken. Said that no action may be taken since my mechanic had already begun repairs.
13) none yet
14) hasn't been to dealer yet.
15) piece of crap
16) $2,500 (est)
17) reimburse me for all expenses 

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