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Kearney - Cam Failure # 570

New 7/11/05

This one was sitting in the church parking lot in Kearney Nebraska. Talked to the owner after the service. Engine had to be rebuilt but it may be soon needing coils and some A/C repair. 97 Green with Grey cloth a lot like mine lol. Woman's husband handled most of the car stuff so she barely understood what I was telling her. I gave her the web site, said shed have a look at it. was very grateful that I talked to her. She may contact the list with questions about getting welded and her ac fixed. I also told her she should report in the VIN number so we could have it on record for our totals of Failures. So welders in the Kearney Area just a heads up.

'97 SHO
Pacific Green

Details Pending  - Buford

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