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Kevin Reich - 2 Cam Failures



I am an owner of a 96 SHO, I bought the car in January of this year. Roughly 600 mile later my car was making a ticking noise in the front of the car, I work for a ford dealer so one of our techs looked at the car, he said that my timing chain was loose that is why the noise and said this was an expensive job on that car, so three weeks later I found out that I had to replace all four cams because the cams have walked on the shaft. Well since I work for Ford I got a discount on the cams instead of 1100 a cam I got 770 a cam, well when it was all said and done my service bill was $3356.00.My car is a 96 with at the time 99,154 miles on the clock, since then my car has been in the shop 5 times for minor service work with the exception of replacing my A/C compressor...Please email me with any updates from Ford.


Kevin Reich
96 Taurus SHO
Jackson, MS


I received your message and here is the information that you requested. Email me if you have any questions.


Kevin Reich

1. 1FALP54N5TA259146

2.Date of malfunction-------2-14-02

3.Where did the car malfunction?--Hwy 80 East Jackson,Ms39206

4.odometer reading at time malfunction-------101,492

5.How Fast?----55MPH

6.Constant speed

7.Date of purchase.------1-04-02

8.Odometer readin @ time of purchase----99,968

9.Day phone, address-----Kevin Reich,711 Lindale Dr, Clinton, Ms39056, 601-506-0888..

10.light ticking under the hood at idle..

11.Ford Hotline for service..

12.Did I feel satisfied ?no

13.Dealership that repaired my car, Eastford, 3940 Hwy 80 West, Jackson, Ms39209, 601-922-3311

14.The drive cam & exhaust cam turned...

15.The timing chain was rattling at idle so figured that I had to replace the chains, but when the tech pulled the chains off, he showed me the cams where and how they were twisted...

16.My service bill was $3356.00 give or take few dollars. I have the bill at Home..

17.What Ford can do to make me satisfied ford owner, is admit that they new their was a problem with 3.4 Yamaha engine, I think that FORD should reimburse owners for the cam failures. Most people do not realize that to replace a cam in 3.4 Yamaha engine is $1000.00 per cam plus labor plus misc parts. I got off easy because I work at a ford dealer so I can get parts at cost.


Kevin Reich
96 taurus SHO
Clinton, MS

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