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Kevin Wallick - Cam Failure 14 This Month

new 10/29/01

Well, add me to the list of failing cams. Engine started making a faint ticking noise about 2 months ago. The sound was imperceptible unless you popped the hood. I went from the paranoia of possibly over-reacting to the reality that the noise was getting louder over time. I think it was Troy's video that finally made me realize this was not just a figment of my imagination. Thanks Troy. I don't post often but I check in almost daily (sometimes just to be amused with what Kirk will say next). Anyway, I took my car in this morning and had them open her up. Sure enough, the drive cam on the back bank was showing signs of failure. MIG welded all four cams like Doug Lewis does. Valve shim adjustment tomorrow... new plugs, I'm considering replacing the two original coils on the back bank. (At $64 a throw a good investment to avoid Murphy's Law ). Engine has 118,000 on the clock... cam lobes, shims and guides show almost no wear. ! Question... What do I clean the intake runners with? and can I use that cleaner on the secondaries or do I not want that crap running down into the motor? Thank You to each of you who help with all this information... you probably saved me THOUSANDS!!! Total bill will be around $600.00.

Kevin Wallick &nb! sp;
97 Pacific Green



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