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 Leaking Trans Axle Cooler Lines

new 5/23/2004

I've poked around the web site but I haven't been able to find the answers
to my questions. I'm hoping someone may have resolved this problem at some
point and can provide some quick advice.

I have a 1997 V8 SHO with roughly 88,000 miles. One of the transaxle cooler
lines leak when the engine is running and the system is pressurized. If you
look through the driver's side front wheel well by removing the splash
guard, you can see the two lines that I'm referring to. These are metal
lines that are connected to rubber hoses which go to the cooler. The metal
lines are very corroded and one has sprung a pin-hole leak that is only
visible when the engine is running. I'd like to replace both lines while
I'm in there. I could not find any part numbers on V8SHO or on Ford Parts

Are these a special order for the V8 SHO? Does the metal connected to the
rubber line come as a complete assembly? Can you buy just the metal line and
connect it to the rubber hose? Are any special tools required to make the
connection to the rubber hose? How difficult is this repair?

Any help you can provide with part numbers, price and advice would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

John Gagnon


Ian Macoomb had the same problem last year. Ian had his lines replaced by
a dealer using Ford parts. I'm sure if you look hard enough you could get
someone to fabricate the lines if you had too. Torrie is usually very
helpful when it comes to parts, if he doesn't know what your talking about
he will send you the part diagram and have you identify the exact part you
need. Send Torrie at Ford Parts Network another request and see what he
says, don't go by the numbers listed in his online parts book.


John, you get the steel lines with new rubber lines attached, cost if I
remember right was 120.00 for both 1 being like 100 and the other being
10.. The easiest way to do this is to drop the Subframe on the drivers side
and also stick a jack under the motor to lift for the most separation. Then
its not a bad job.. You will need a tool to disconnect the lines from the
trans, Ford place some special clips in there.

There is another way in there by trying to move the ABS pump but that is
even a bigger PITA

Kirk J Doucette


I had the same problem the Firestone dealer I buy my tires from.
did the repair.
Cost me $100 labor and about $50 is parts.
they had the hoses made at a hose and fitting shop.
both lines were replaced from the transmission to the drivers side of the radiator.
I had roughly 100,000miles when mine were done.



Yeah, I had mine done last summer at the dealer. Parts was something like
$130 Canadian but the total came to a little over $600. Had I known it was
that bad I would have attempted it myself.



Here's a hint to reduce the mess until you get the lines replaced:

Get a short length of fuel line hose, slit it, fit it over the line with the
leak so that it covers the leak, put a fuel line worm gear clamp over the
hole and tighten it down.

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