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Lewis - Cam Failures

new 1/10/02

Hello Tim,

My father and I are partners in an auto dealership. Last year we bought our first SHO, it was a 93 with a V-6. It hurt to even sell the car. But it was well worth the investment. In the past 5 months I have bought three V8 SHO's, One for me to drive, and the other two just to sell off the lot. The first one was a 96, and was sold in August. The guy I sold it to, told me that it had a cam failure and he had to dump the car at an auction. Then in early November I bought two SHO's. During a customer test drive of the 97, the engine started making a loud noise, then the engine dropped about half the cylinders, and started losing power, so I had the customer pull it off to the side of the highway, where it quit running and then wouldn't start. So I had to have the car towed and the customer picked up and taken back to the dealership. When they brought it into our shop, our mechanics discovered that a camshaft sprocket broke and bent the exhaust valves. Then recently my 99 SHO has began a ticking sound, yet, all of my mechanics seem to have a differing opinion on what’s causing the problem. But I am pretty sure we can all guess what’s wrong with it! I think Ford needs to admit there is a problem and start taking some initiative to fix it. Until then I will NEVER sell another Ford Taurus SHO off my lot again! My Uncle also owns several dealerships, including 4 Ford dealerships in the midwest. And he told me that he currently has 8 warranty claims for 96-99 SHO's with that same problem. We pride ourselves on selling quality vehicles from quality manufacturers. And if Ford doesn't want to sell quality vehicles, then we won't buy them!

Also for those of us who discover a ticking noise, what’s the best action for us to take? Have a mechanic replace the camshaft sprocket? Replace the timing belt?

Scott Lewis,

Lewis Automotive Group



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