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Light Bulbs

new 4/20/02

I did a little searching on the www since my brake light went out at 70k. See www.webbikeworld.com It seems that the LED replacements don't but out much light and the Halogen replacements put out way too much heat. 

So I went to my local Farm & Fleet and got 2 bulbs for $1.49. That is a little cheaper than $20 a bulb for something that either does not work or I might regret.

External Lamps Trade Number
Front side marker lamp     194
Front park/turn lamp     3457 NA
Headlamp     9007
Tail lamp/brake lamp     3157
Rear turn lamp     3456K
Backup lamp     3156
License plate lamp     168
High-mount brake lamp     912
Rear side marker lamp     168

Interior Lamps     Trade Number
Dome lamp     211-2
Dome/map lamp     578
Dome lamp/moon roof     208
Visor vanity lamp (passenger/driver)     74-194
Floor console     194
Luggage compartment lamp     906
Glove compartment     194
I/P ashtray lamp     194

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