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Links to Cam Weld & Engine Swap Photos

new 09/07/02

After 3 years on this list I sold my 2nd 1996 SHO in July. However I still have a few things to share and after reading some post recently I thought maybe it's only practical to send out my website where new people can see exactly what we talk about with the CAM FAILURE and HOW TO WELD THE CAMS in a nice little photo montage.


Click on above and head to WELDED CAMS or ENGINE SWAP or PROBLEM CAMS for a pictorial of the SHO cam problems! Also stuff in there about my nitrous powered 96 SHO that ran 13.8/9's consistently.

Take care,
Scott Waters
(Former owner of The Stealth Bomber & Black Thunder)
2000 Taurus SE

We sure will miss Scott, a very knowledgeable and generous contributor. You take care, very good care Scott, and thanks for sharing the ride, we will miss you. Come back any time.

Timothy Wright

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