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Lynda Mayes - Cam Failure #204, 205, 206

new 2/02/03

My name is Lynda Mayes and I had a 1996 SHO which experienced cam failures. I would like to be included in the class action suit and added to the cam shaft failure count. Below is the requested information concerning my situation: 

Name: Lynda Mayes 
Year: 1996 
VIN: 1FALP54N7TA243014 


I will try to keep this as short as possible but have been through a nightmare trying to get my car repaired. I purchased the car in May 1998 and on May 17, 2002 I was going down Interstate 75 at approximately 65 MPH when the car lost acceleration, the engine died, and I had to have it towed to World Ford in Kennesaw, GA, for repairs. The car had approximately 133K miles. I was told after several days that it was the Camshaft on the right side of the engine and it would have to be replaced. I was told the repairs would be between $2,800 to $3,300. I still owed about $4,500 on the car and made the decision to authorize the repairs. They finally received the parts, fixed it and when they put it back together they called and said it was still not right and would cost approximately $2,000 more to repair the valves and machine the head. They put it back together and returned my car after 35 days and $4,400 in repairs. I drove it home and the next morning on the way to work the check engine light came on and the engine was running very rough. Took it back, after 4 days I as told it was the other side of the engine now and there would be another $2-3K to repair. After going to the head of service/parts they agreed to cover this repair. They had my car from Jun 25-Jul 22, 2002. I was informed that when the repair was complete that it may happen again. If I would have know that at the beginning I would not have authorized any of the above repairs. 

In Nov 02 it did happen again I took it back and was told it was the camshaft on the right side of the engine. They tried to tell me it was not the one previously replaced and I would have to pay again for the repair. I went to the manager and they were showing me the car and the mechanic indicated the general area where the sound was coming from but he could not determine exactly where it was coming from. I then asked how they knew it was the old one not the new one and he admitted that he could not tell. They then agreed to pay for the teardown and replacement of the new camshaft again and if they found it was the old one I would only be response for the cost of the camshaft and any additional labor cost. They had my car another month. They thought that the nose had been reduced enough (but not eliminate) by replacing the warranted camshaft and that they could put it back together and sell it at the auction and so they offered ! me $2,000 for my car and stated that if I bought another car from them or their affiliated World Toyota dealer maybe they could work more into a trade in. I owed approximately $2,000 on the car and told them if they would do this I would take the offer and I authorized them to put my car back together. None of this turned out to be the truth. 

I found out a little too late about welding/pinning cams and how much cheaper and better this would have been. I'm a day late and a dollar short again. 

I ending up purchasing a 2000 Mercury Sable with 21K miles and that is another story, the nightmare continues. 

I also did a customer complaint on the NHTSA web site, July 3, 2002, which I have not yet heard from and has not shown up. Contacted Ford Motor Company and the Regional Rep. and no help was received. I have a lot more details if anyone wants to hear them please let me know. 

THANK YOU AND ALL THE OTHERS INVOLVED IN THIS WEB SITE for all your hard work and for keeping this alive. 

Lynda Mayes 
'96 SHO 

This is the 3rd report in 2 weeks of a triple cam failure. 

Ford spokeswoman Kathleen Vokes released a statement: "We have not received the lawsuit so cannot comment on any of the specifics. We are aware of the concern on a small number of SHO engines. Our investigation indicates the condition is not widespread. Many vehicle repairs were covered under warranty and we have been working with our supplier to reduce the repair costs for the small number of engines potentially affected by the condition."

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