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Major Coolant Leak

New 03/05/2005

Sprung a massive coolant leak on the way home tonight and ended up getting towed home. Was hoping for the obvious hose, but alas, that doesn't appear to be the case. I'll be getting into it in the morning, but the coolant is flowing heavily...directly over the oil filter.
Any ideas? Are there any seals in that area that could account for such, or is there a chance of a cracked block or head?
Smelling like pancake syrup in Pa...
There are two hoses that go to the oil cooler. One of them may have sprung a leak.

Glen Murdock

When I Bought my SHO I had to flush the coolant cause the backup reviver had a sludge build up in it and anytime id get it up over 100 the low coolant light would come on...so I pulled it cleaned it out and flushed the system and haven't had a problem since.

'97 SHO
That's my suspicion now (see attached)

Coolant lines run into the base of the oil filter as a liquid to liquid cooler.

Carter Fuji
I think there are two hoses right around the oil filter. One of them likes to get saturated with oil from a leaky valve cover. Over time the oil will deteriorate the rubber. It is a PITA, even if you have small hands.

k mier
I have confirmed that one of the small coolant supply hoses from the oil cooler has completely split. It appears that I will need to take the oil cooler off just to access the upper clamp of the hose, plus I suspect it may be gunked up in the cooler anyway.

Question is, will I have to order the supply hose from the stealer since it is a molded hose?

Also, will I need to replace any seals or anything when putting the oil cooler back in?


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