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Map Dome Lights Not Coming On (foot well working) Issue SOLVED

New 03/06/2005

Hay all,
After much time searching, including the replacement of the fuse box assembly and the GEM module, the issue has been solved. Fortunately it is covered under ESP.
On colder days the top lights wouldn’t come on.
The electrician told me where the problem is:
Splice #902 (Trigger feed) is not soldered! The splice is just loose enough to break contact during the cold.
It is under the headliner on passenger side. Will need to remove the mirror and the grab handle. Splice is located somewhere above the passenger seat. Probably have to remove some tape!
Probably a production issue?
97 ES
Welded and FlowMastered.
 I had a similar lighting failure that turned out to be several wires had been "gnawed" on and temperature changes caused the wires to touch ground. Of course it would blow fuses, which I didn't read as being an issue you were experiencing.

Carter Fuji


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