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Marc - Cam Failure #333    

new 1/14/2004


I experienced cam failure about a year and a half ago. And just became familiar with your web site, its a great site!

I first took my car to Ford, they said they couldn't help me. The only thing they could do is give me a new engine, and of course, charge me for it $15,000 worth. My next step was writing 5/6 e-mail to Ford telling them the problem. They wrote back with a cheesy letter saying "Sorry - we'll look into the problem. We appreciate you taking the time to write us a letter". A couple of weeks ago I wrote a long e-mail with detailed graphic language, very upset. They wrote back with a real letter telling me to call them. I did, the guy told me there was nothing he could do but he would record the fact that I called and was wanting answers to Ford's lack of concern for their customers. My car just sits now, covered and waiting for the recall, that I am sure will happen when we get enough people to realize the problem Ford created.

I also had owned an Explorer, that when I got it was equipped with Firestone tires, well you know the end of that story, I got new tires, no cost to me. So the same is bound to happen with the SHO. I bought the car used and still owed 10,000 dollars on it. With only 77,000 miles on it I was pretty pissed. Thanks for posting a great site to help us all!

A sorry SHO owner,

Details to follow.

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