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Marc Sorger - Cam Failure #853

Date 9/15/07

Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 09:30:19 -0800
From: Marc Sorger <mfsorger@hotmail.com>
Reply-To: Marc Sorger <mfsorger@hotmail.com>
Subject: V8 Cam failure
To: Larry@V8sho.com

I just bought a 98 SHO from an employee last week, it is in great condition. He was in financial trouble so I was trying to help him out. On the way home, the cam gears spun on the cams. I was on the freeway with the cruise on, I paid good money for the car now it's close to worthless. It's hard for me to believe that Ford is taking this position, I have easily spent over a million dollars with Ford over the past 10 years buying fleet vehicles. This isn't the kind of customer service that I have experienced from Ford in the past.


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