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Mark Larson - Cam Failure #379

new 3/25/2004

Hi Larry,

First of all I would like to thank you and all others for the information
found on the www.v8SHO.com website. It has been very informative for me.

I have owned a '96 SHO since early '97. It was a new vehicle purchase. I
actually really enjoyed the car until my recent trouble and the reading this
information found on this website. Apparently like others I have run into
this camshaft problem. Perhaps I should consider myself fortunate in that I
got 102K+ out of the vehicle before encountering this major problem. But now
that I know, the signs were there earlier. OR perhaps I should feel
unfortunate that I didn't run across this info earlier (now that I been
enlightened by the it and info found elsewhere).

In hindsight I should have seen (or heard) the signals. Perhaps reacting
immediately to them would have allowed me to get away with <$1000 repair
bill. No such luck. I'm staring at $5000-$11,000 repair options. The
problems sound very similar and in some cases identical to other peoples
experiences and repair issues.

Here is my information:
Mark Larson
Apple Valley, MN 55125
1996 - VIN 1FALP54NXTA248188
Car is currently in shop awaiting my decision on repair. I was learning
toward putting a used engine (65K) in it but now I'm not so sure I might not
run into the same problem. Lot of $ with apparently high risk.

If you could let me know what status on the Class Action lawsuit or if Ford
was ever offered anything for their customers, please let me know.

Sorry for coming in so late but wasn't aware if this until today.




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