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Mechanical Check List


A few things about our V8 SHO'S.

Have these things checked.

1. The Crank Position Sensor usually breaks on these V8 engines when the car reaches about 70,000 miles or sooner depending. If you like your SHO you'll have the sensor inspected and /or replaced. 

2. The Oil Cooler on these cars will develop a leak and should be repaired as soon as possible. How we know is if you see a drop of oil under the vehicle when parked over night in one spot; it appears the rubber gasket fitting within the oil cooler get hard over time and oil leaks pass the seal. This can be fixed with removing the oil filter and loosen the big nut you see when the filter is off, but don't forget to disconnect both coolant hose from the cooler, run a bead of silicone on top of the rubber o-ring gasket and retighten.

3. Transmissions Failures: Most of the failures is a result of the forward clutch piston, where you get slippage when the car is cold and will eventually start moving. As everyone knows this means complete Rebuild. DO NOT GM ( General Motors ) transmission fluid in these transmissions. Ford ATF and GM Dextron don't mix.

4. Cam Position Sensor sometimes leak, have this checked and replaced if necessary.

5. The rattling noise you hear in the rear of the car as you go over bumps. This is a result of the round black insulator coming apart on the parking brake adjuster. If you want you can use a piece of rubber hose with two tie straps to insulate the metal adjuster from hitting the under carriage of the car or you can just buy a new adjuster.

6. Just a suggestion: 
If your tires wear uneven, usually on the inside, the best solution is to upgrade to a 16X7 rim with the offset of the 89'-95' T-Bird SC or the Cougar rim. Any rim of your choice with same off-set will do really good and it looks better by filling the gap in the wheel well. This allows the 225/55ZR16 tires to sit better and looks wider sort of like a 245/50ZR16 wider but your running the stock size. OR Have the Sub-frame adjusted on an alignment machine

7. CD changers--- A good replacement is the CD changer from the Explorer, the pins are the same and it's a straight hook up, however you will have to drill a few holes in the mounting bracket to bolt it inthe trunk. The Explorer CD Changer is just 2mm bigger, no big deal. 

To be continued..................

Warren Anderson

Comment? Additions? Send them and I'll add them. - Buford


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