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Michael Andlinger - Cam Failure #445

new 09/28/2004

Hello Larry sorry for the color and font but this is my daughters computer I had, I mean I have a 99 ford Taurus SHO vin 1fafp54n3xa235589 loved it . I bought it used at 34485 miles around 87293 miles I heard a ticking noise so I took it back where I bought it Downtown Ford 1423 Tuscarawas Canton Ohio 44720 330 456 2781 they told me it was backlash in the cam gears but it would not hurt the performance of the motor. About three weeks later I was coming to a stop and the car stalled, so I had it towed back to downtown Ford. They told me my engine had failed because the cam had failed, and the cost would be $26,789.01 that's right twenty six thousand. I would like to get more information from you and get a better idea of what I can do. I still have the car, and the scrap dealer will give me 1000 bucks for it can you help me with this? my email is and linger 58 @aol . com or you can call me.  I would like to get on the class action suit if you need any more info. please contact me

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