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Michael Andlinger - Cam Failure #461

New 10/20/2004

Hello Larry
Before I start on my questions let me give you a little history. On July 22 04 I took my car ( my sho ) into Downtown Ford 1423 Tuscarawas St. Canton, Ohio 44702
Because of ticking noise in engine. Downtown ford is where I bought the car used.
The tech told me that it was backlash in the cam gears, but would not hurt the engine. On August 12 I was driving in a back street maybe 20 mph, and came to a stop sign, that is when the car stalled. I started it back up with difficulty and limped
it back to my girlfriends house, that is where it was towed back to downtown ford from. The next day they faxed me the estimates. $26,789 for a new one, and $11,692
for a used one. I have all the paper work including the paper where they looked at the noise. If you would lice to contact me other than email feel free. Michael Andlinger
Canton Ohio 44720 I have the car back now and looking for an engine. I have a shop that will change out the motors for about $800.
Assuming mine is completely shot. If you have any lines on motors get in touch with me. Thank you Michael

1) 1FAFP54N3XA235589
2) 08 12 2004
3) city st slowing for a stop sign
4) 86403
5) 20 mph
6) slowing at the time
7) 11 19 2001 used
8) 34458
9) Michael Andlinger Canton, Ohio 44720
10) I had the car into the dealership where I had bought it on 07 22 2004 for a ticking noise in engine ( a bad ticking noise ) they told me it was backlash in cam gears, but would not hurt engine. On 08 12 2004 the car stalled while coming to a stop, I had the towed into the dealership for service. That is when they told me I needed A new engine at the cost of $26789.01 or a used one for $11692.58. I have all the paperwork.
11) 330 456 2781 ask for service. When car was first brought in for ticking noise the
technician # 3726. The guy who faxed me the estimates was a Don Kennedy
12) What do you think ?
13) Downtown Ford 1423 W. Tuscarawas St. Canton, Ohio 44702
14) Cam failure
15) The same
16) $26789.01 for new and $11692.58 for used, and yes I have my receipts
17) I don't know what FOMOCO is.

Larry I have all the info you asked for in the email on disk, but not real sure how to attach it to this, and would hate to lose what I already have here, will send later

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