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Michael DiGrazia - Cam Failure # 162 & 163

new 12/24/02

Hi Tim,

My name is Michael DiGrazia I had a camshaft failure at just under 60,000 miles while still under warranty Ford replaced only one cam shaft. I was told by Ford that the problem was fixed and my vehicle will be covered for 1 year on this repair (You cannot extend the warranty) within 3 months I again had a cam shaft failure Ford said it was not their cam shaft that failed it was mine. They reviewed my claim and would not give me any assistance.

I e -mailed and spoke by phone with Ford concerning my 1996 Ford Taurus SHO Camshaft problem.  I did not receive a satisfactory answer at that time. I am now aware of a class action law suite pending against Ford Motor Company concerning the cam shaft issue.  I again asked Ford to review my claim.  I had to sell my car for Junk.  I've always bought Fords, I can no longer be a Ford customer.  If you could share any information I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank You
Michael DiGrazia (CHICAGO)

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