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Michael Markiewicz - Cam Failure #397 & #398

new 5/14/04

To Whom it may concern,

I have totaled my SHO and moved on to a 300M, Maybe I'll have better luck. Anyway my SHO did have a cam tick and just about failed if not for V8Sho.com. I took it in just in time but here is a funny story.

I had an aftermarket warranty which was amazing and paid for everything under the sun when it came to any type of repair. So one day while driving looking for a new home to buy, I was down a side street, and when I had to drive in between cars parked on the road I was able to hear the deflection of sound from the engine. I am real good about oil and changing it, so I was surprised and thought how do I have a tick. So I brought it in to a dealer that the family knows they had it tore apart and disassembled for about 7 weeks with no idea what it could be. At that time and even after they fixed it I did not know about the cam problem. So after they finally had all the erk nerks of FOMOCO out to stare at my car and get a free lunch for the day, they found the problem and fixed it. So happy to get the car back and not pay a dime I grabbed  the receipt (paperwork) out of the smirking lady's hand I roasted the tires the hell outta there never to return. Well about 1 year later the same ticking noise, Huh! Jumped online to ask a few questions and low and behold V8sho.com (HEROS to the SHO owners) popped up. Took the car to Ray's auto, sure enough they explain the cam problem and fix it to a tee. Brain says to me " Check the receipt and see what them schlep rocks at the dealer took me for exactly ". Paper work reads cam gear, cam chain and a few other items. So not only did I almost have one cam failure, them putts put in a new gear and did not weld it or pin it and it just about failed for a second time. WOW Ford quality #1, RIGHT!!!

So to re-cap this novel, I just about had a cam fail on two occasions, and am pretty upset to have to spend $500.00 dollars out of pocket (Warranty expired for second go around) for a car that cost thirty some grand in the first place.

Anyway, I do have all the info at home so if this helps all the current owners in any way please let me know.

Thanks for you time,

Michael Markiewicz

PS: On the bill for the dealership the cost was $2,200.00 to ford and $1,700.00 to my warranty company. Lot of money in my eyes.


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