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Midas Pro Series Pads

Thanks to Ryan S.

I'm glad you got brakes you like. With the Midas Pro Series Pads I have on the SHO (lifetime warranty) well.. they suck. Fade after 1 stop from 90 (well.. that is kinda fast but they still suck) and are faded for like 30 min. after that.. also they tend to squeak when stopping slowly after about 600 miles =) Anyhow.. if I ever decide to put new brakes on Iíll keep you message in a folder and take that into account. Thanks.

P.S. I don't like Midas very much, at least their brakes, so I personally advise all not to put their pro series lifetime warranty pads on your SHO. If you don't have to any heavy stopping or don't mind squeaking after a while, then go for it they are guaranteed for the life of the car. Otherwise get quality brakes.

Ryan S.
97 TR
K&N cone filter 0940



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