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Mike - Cam Failure #343

new 1/27/2004


I wrote you before I left for Chicago to pick up my pristine, 1996 SHO Taurus. she's got 86000 miles on her and it looks like that may be the end of the road for her, I got off the plane and within 2 hours was stranded in a sub zero winter Storm 25 miles from the nearest town, if it had not been for my cell phone this cam problem may very well have gotten the Ford peoples attention as I would have surely died in the Texas weather clothing I was wearing. I was going along on cruise control at exactly 70 miles per hour right next to an Indiana state trooper when we topped a hill and all hell broke loose. as quickly as I responded it was too late, It seemed to be right as the car transitioned between pulling up the slope of the road to a down grade slope. Maybe some kind of backlash effect I am thinking, but non the less I experienced a very noticeable clatter of the valves, then a loss of compression resulting in a down hill acceleration. by the time I could get to the side of the road it was too late. I guess now my question to you as it obviously didn't make it home to get welded or pinned, is where can I buy the necessary parts to repair. I am a certified Mechanic so the labor will be no problem but are there any alternatives to for on parts , Like maybe Yamaha. or any after-market replacements. I cannot believe this has happened but now that it has it time to get on with it and any help would be appreciated.


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