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Mike Cam Failure #575

New 7/11/05

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From: Donald Mallinson <dmall@mwonline.net>
To: IKillrinst@aol.com; Larry Eck <SHOWHAT9@aol.com>
Sent: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 18:38:06 -0500
Subject: Re: 97 sho


it IS an interference engine, You probably have 8 bent valves (all of them on the spun camshaft). Ford knows about this of course, but opts to stick their head in the sand. Any Ford dealer tech or service writer that says they have never heard of it before frankly is either lying or they have just come out of a long sleep (many years).

Best case is you get the one head rebuilt with new valves, guides etc, or get a used/rebuilt head. Worse case the pistons/cyl walls are damaged, but this doesn't happen a lot.

You need to get to a mechanic that wants to help you rather than take advantage of you. The basic engine is good, was the Ford dealer implying the engine before damage is garbage? Or as I suspect he implied the entire engine is bad. That is probably not the case, depending on how long the car was run with the bad cam (with enough rev's it will keep running for quite a while, but then the damage just gets worse, and it could ruin the entire engine.

A used engine swap may be about the best alternative, but if the engine was shut off as soon as a problem was detected, and you didn't try to run it after it wouldn't start, it may just need a head.

You must weld all four cams before you put it back together, no matter what engine work you do or if you swap engines.

Be sure to give all the details to Tim Wright with V8SHO.com, he is compiling information for the class action lawsuit against Ford. This may, in a few years result in some payment to make the monetary damages a little less.

Check the SHO LINKS section on the club site, and then SHO BUSINESSES on that page for people in your area. Also check the PEOPLE WHO WILL WELD YOUR CAMS section on V8sho.com

I am sending a copy of this Larry Eck of V8SHO who is also involved with the lawsuit. My address for Tim may not be current so Larry can make sure you get in touch with Tim.

I also recommend you file a complaint with the NHTSA online, Tim might be able to help you with that

Good luck.

Don Mallinson, president SHO Club http://www.shoclub.com

other web site for good reading: http://www.v8sho.com

IKillrinst@aol.com wrote:

hello. My name is Mike, I have a 97 v8 sho, the wife has been driving it a lot lately when all of a sudden one night she comes in and says honey the car is stuck down the street, I went and pushed it home and stupidly tried to crank it over a few times... I took it apart and found that the infamous spinning cam gear had happened... what I need to know is... is this engine an interference engine or non interference engine and how badly could this engine be damaged, my local ford dealer denies any such recalls or such problems with this v8 sho, and has told me the engine is garbage.. how true is this.. thank you in advance and I hope I wasn't a bother...

I also have a 93 Red with full black leather... I like the 93 much better...


Details Pending - Buford

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