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Mike's 14 SHOs

New 10/6/05

This conversation came up today, just in passing.......

Ford admits that their research indicates  that SHO owners are the most loyal and fanatical of all Ford buyers.- Buford

I like my SHO mostly because it DOESN'T turn heads... at least not at first.  Sure, some car enthusiasts recognize it, but the average schmoe has no idea that it's not a regular family sedan. - Dan

I am 26. I am on my 14th SHO. I have had an SHO every day of my life since I was 16. I bought a rusted up, nasty, whooped on, 1989 right before my 16th birthday. I had fallen in love with them the first time I heard a Taurus sound that cool when it started to get moving ( secondaries ). I have been hooked since. Plain and simple. What makes it best, is that now I can afford my hobby. I have a very low mile 98 that just sits in my garage, waiting to go out on a nice Sunday. I have a 93 MTX that I love to
kick around in, it is also the car that I throw most of my mods at. And I just bought an 80k 91 plus that is going to be a fun car when it is done too. So, no you are not alone.

Mike Yeager
93 MTX

14th SHO?!?!?!?!?

Paul L Fisher

Note to self:

If Mike is on SHO #14 - don't let him drive one of mine....


Not a typo.

4 1989's
1 1990
2 1991's (one plus)
1 1992
2 1993's
1 1994
no 95's yet
1 1996
no 97's yet
2 1998's
no 1999's yet

All have been nice cars that I have registered. None were garbage other than my first one that I still drove for 30k.

Mike Yeager

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