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Miller Cycle

new 12/07/02

We recently had a visitor from WY who introduced the list to the Miller cycle as opposed to the Otto thermodynamic cycle. Now I studied all that stuff at Penn State a very long time ago so I needed a refresher. I contacted a few expert sources with vast experiences and credentials. I don’t want to start another controversy like we had on cam bearings or pinning Vs. welding. Suffice it to say my sources in my opinion are beyond criticism in this area, I judge them credible. What I learned is that the miller cycle is not all that different from the Coors, Budweiser or Rolling Rock cycles:

Repeat stages one – stage four until your thirst is quenched, you feel sufficient gusto or your last brain cell becomes pickled.

I hope you find this helpful, next week I will cover the Pizza cycle. 

Still confused? I am told the Miller cycle may be demonstrated next convention by talented volunteers.

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