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Misc - Cam Failure 2


I was at a Nissan dealer yesterday looking at used Altima's for a friend. As the salesman and I walked from the rear of the building to the front, he saw my SHO. He didn't know it was mine but commented that he once had one. He then proceeded to tell me that his '96 SHO with about 116k had a cam failure. I forgot his exact wording but it was the same failure many are having. The dealership charged him like $580 just to tell him the another engine would be $11k! He just had the car towed to a yard or something and immediately canceled that check he wrote to the dealer. He could have bought a used engine for $4k but still didn't think that was worth it. He was afraid of the same thing happening again.

This is the first time I've spoken directly to someone who has had this failure and it sort of "hit home" in a sense and somewhat mad me upset thinking just how much of a REAL problem this is and Ford not doing ANYTHING about it. He used that info to try and put me in the new Altima......they look VERY nice and do offer a 5-speed .........but I think I'll stick with the SHO for a while!

P.S. I do have the guys work number. He just started 3 weeks ago and didn't have an e-mail address yet.

Brian Moore
'99 Black 53k


See if you can get all the details and I will post them here,




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