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Misc Cam Failure #438

new 9/3/04


This is a resend of a message I sent to Larry a while ago. Don’t know if you got the information or not.

Protection of info here is such that I am not able to get the owner’s name.

I have some sad news. I was at the dealer today and saw a silver 96 with it’s wiring sticking out of the hood. Asked the parts man what was up so he came out with me to check it out. No motor in the car. He inquired with a service person who indicated that it was a head failure…Cam failure number???

Stats as I could see them:

1996 Silver SHO

71,000 KM (rather young) -----  (~ 44k miles  - Buford)


I have the plate number from the car. I do believe that I can do a plate search to come up with the owner as the service person was unwilling to pass a message along for me. (Not the case due to the protection act).

Phil Elder

in Edmonton I assume?


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