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Misc Cam Failure #455

New 10/8/04

The TR 97 with failed cams has arrived back at my place of employment from the local Chevy dealer who got stuck repairing it had it for about 3 months. It is now running on 7 cylinders and the Wynns Warranty Co is now out $2,900 in parts + an unknown amount of labor The Vin is- 1FALP54NOVA135577 It has just over 98,800 miles and is thoroughly TRASHED inside and out, has metal to metal brakes and is on spare tire rims.

They did not tell me how much labor was, only that they are only out $100 for the deductible. The car will get brakes and some sort of new rims probably with hubcaps, LOL They will also detail it and may even dent wizard it too, Big LOL It goes through a repossession sale to the highest bidder but I don't know when. I tried to get it when it didn't run but they are bent on fixing it , my guess it will bring $1500 to $2,500 by what I have seen pass thru there BTW 4 have sold all with at least 112,000 miles up to 180,000 miles in the last month in the dealer sale, 3 were rough and 1 was pretty nice with 140 k on it and a light misfire in the engine

I am not the owner, Credex Auto leasing sold it to some sap in Cleveland Ohio last June for $7,200 and when the cams failed they wailed on it with size 15 Nike. Vehicle recovery services owns it now.

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