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Miss Diagnosis

Thanks to Kevin Wallick

Need your help. After some shall we say "spirited " driving last weekend my SHO developed a shudder. Most noticeable from a stop but can also be felt under acceleration. I think the engine might have a slight miss. If you listen to the exhaust you can pick up a faint sound of air in the sound like a pft...pft..pft. Power feels normal but now car seems to have the idle drop to 600 and stall occasionally. Today I took it to a mechanic I know to look at the CV boots... all OK. He doesn’t have an OBD II scanner but did test the TPS, which checked out OK. Car has 91,000 miles, Mobile1 synthetic changed religiously at 7500 miles. Car sees 7000 rpm several times a day. Any ideas would help !!

Thanks, Kevin in Ohio.

I posted a message last week about my SHO missing and rough idle. Just a quick follow up... pulled 3 codes out of the computer as follows... random misfire, misfire on cylinder #4, and the C.P.S. sensor. Replaced CPS and front bank of plugs, (only ones I was qualified to attempt without assistance). Still getting random misfire. I want to change back bank of plugs to see if this solves problem. Can someone send me the step by step instructions to change these?? Thanks.

Kevin 97 Pacific Green

Thanks and Congratulations to Shawn Porter, Mike Ivy, Mike Holhut, and Glen Murdock all of whom correctly diagnosed the coil pack problem on my 97. After pulling #4 plug which was wet with fuel the problem was obvious. Thank You!! Your first beverage at SHO convention 2001 is on me.

The strength and value of this list is the knowledge and experiences of its members and their ability to help one another. God!! I love this car and this list only adds to my enjoyment of my SHO!!!!

Thanks Again, Kevin Wallick 97 Pacific Green

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