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Missfires and Coil Tests

new 2/12/03

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From: MAILTDOVE@aol.com 
Subject: help with miss at 4-5000 rpm

Hi Guys and gals I hope someone like Kirk with lots of knowledge can shed some light on a misfire. I think it's a coil but I am no expert yet. I have a 99 SHO with 46000 miles I caught the tick and towed in to GA for the welds at FPS until now it's been fine. I just completed the P/S flush and did a test drive and that's when I noticed the misfire. I know changing the P/S with Synthetic is just coincidental. Has anyone got any suggestions. No, the coils have not been swapped front to back yet, that was 3'rd order of priorities. 1 was P/S, 2 was going to be ATX fluid change with Synthetic. 3rd was going to be coil swap with Heat blanket around wiring. Of course the welds was a must. Help please

Tim Dove
99 SHO welded no mods 

Here is a chart of readings I got with my coils and an ohm meter. The one with the meter is a normal, good reading.

Paul Nimz
'97 TR SHO
'93 EG mtx SHO

V8 Coil ohm test11.jpg (29808 bytes)

V8 coil test results.gif (7980 bytes)

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