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Changes for the worse with new Mobil 1?

Thanks to June Han  - new 8/13/01

Hi Tim, here is the old graph that would represent some of the major oils during the old formulation of Mobil 1. Unfortunately, Mobil 1 isn't on this graph, but they rated right in between Amsoil and Castrol Syntec. I lost the graph that showed the old formulation of Mobil 1 right there, but my friend is still trying to locate it. I'll email you the graph after the reformulation of Mobil 1 in a couple minutes. Also, this is also with the old formulation of Castrol Syntec as well when it was 100% synthetic. The current formulation of Castrol Syntec you see today is nothing more than a hyper advanced Group III base oil which was the subject of Mobil's lawsuit against Castrol several years ago. I believe the old Mobil 1 5w30 scored .42 or .44 in the 4 ball wear test, it's just not on this graph. My friends are looking, so when they find that graph with the old formulation of Mobil 1, Iíll email it to you

Ok, here is the comparison graph done with the new tri-synthetic formulation of Mobil 1. You can see that it scores significantly worse in it's new formulation. As you can also see, Castrol Syntec also scores significantly worse as well since it's nothing more than a hyper advanced Group III Base oil now. Castrol Syntec is just an advanced dino oil now with some synthetic additives such as ethers. What's interesting here, is that the newest formulation of Pennzoil dino oil with pure base is scoring somewhat better than the Castrol and Mobil synthetics. If I find an old graph that has Mobil 1's old formulation listed, I'll send it to you, but you are talking a big difference in performance. The old formulation of Mobil 1 scored .42 or .44(either or), and the new formulation scored .589 which is a significant difference when the variables in the test were kept the same. Amsoil's 0w30 managed to improve a little since then, but you are also talking an oil that costs $8.30 a quart which is unfair to compare against a $4 a quart oil. It's a known fact that Castrol Syntec is just a modified advanced dino oil, and the fact that they achieved a viscosity spread of 5w50 on a Group III base oil is kind of scary. It is unknown for exact sure whether Mobil has also followed the same route as Castrol, but I am currently trying to uncover some old articles I had saved somewhere on my floppies that suggests Mobil 1 is not a full synthetic anymore kind of like Castrol Syntec. I'll send you more info as I uncover it.

V8SHO neither endorses or intends to unfairly criticize products. I have use Mobil1 on my own '97 since it's first oil change at 500 miles and the oil analyses have all come back fine. I do wonder if the latest blend was optimized for Mobil profits or actual improved?  

I hate to see Castrol score so poorly. They enjoyed an outstanding reputation product at when I was growing up. I see Wolfs Head does not even make a 5W30 last time I checked (last year). Last point the 4 ball wear test is just one way to test oil and this information was provided by AMSOIL. 


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