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Mobil 1 0W-40

new 3/2/03, updated 3/5/03

Mobil 1® With SuperSyn™ Formula 0W-40
European Car Formula *

Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ 0W-40 is engineered to provide outstanding protection in high-tech European engines. It provides excellent wear protection in high-temperature/hot-running engines.

Benefits of Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ 0W-40:

  • Is recommended for European vehicles (especially newer models).
  • Offers outstanding protection for high-tech, multi-valve engines.
  • Protects engines in situations where conventional motor oils may break down.
  • Meets the engine performance specifications of European automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and BMW.
  • Exceeds API SL/CF
  • Exceeds ACEA A3/B3/B4-02.
  • Exceeds Mercedes-Benz 229.3 specification.
  • Exceeds GM Long Life engine oil specification GM-LL-A-025 for Opel and Saab gasoline engines and GM-LL-B-025 for diesel engines.

Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ 0W-40 is factory fill in all Porsche, Mercedes-Benz AMG and Aston Martin vehicles. In addition, Mercedes-Benz approves Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ 0W-40 for all its 1998 and newer cars.

Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ 0W-40 is designed for normally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline engines and light-duty diesel engines. Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ 0W-40 provides maximum protection, even during extended-use driving. This formulation is specifically designed for European vehicles that recommend this viscosity grade.

New: Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ 0W-40 is now available at AutoZone stores nation

Rod Stafford was kind enough to send this along.  He has used it with out apparent ill effect.  I have these reservations.

Our Engine is designed for 5w-30 year round.

0-40 is a big Viscosity swing. 

If I had a high mileage SHO and lived in a hot climate I might try it.

40w may cause a loss in HP and will increase load on the oil pump.


Hey, Buford

Appreciate the posting of my reply to the oil preference list. I agree with your response and concerns.

0-40 is a big swing, but I believe that Mobil has accomplished this without the use of (or very little) VII (viscosity index improvers). The analysis of the oil on the website below shows it stays in grade extremely well, and by all accounts, is "the" superior Mobil 1 product. I simply want the best oil for my V8...

The viscosity of a 40 wt. oil at 100C concerns me as well, for the extra 'drag' on the engine...which equals less horsepower and decreased mpg...all things being the same. Pour point ( -65F) satisfies my need for the cold winters here in Alberta, Canada...!!

Hopefully some others on the list have had experiences with this oil and will share there thoughts.

Rod Stafford



Great responses! I appreciate the opinions of all...best way to learn from the experiences of others.

Also raising the second number from Ford's recommended 30 to 40 or 50 could place extra load on the oil pump and extra horsepower robbing drag on the engine. What is the offsetting benefit for bearing these risks?
Is this a greater risk than a 5W-30 oil shearing and thinning out to a 20W oil, which we all know is NOT recommended for our V8's (TSB 01-4-7). Try oil analysis and truly know what your favorite oil is doing after 3000 miles.
I can't for the life of me figure how some people think they are capable of making a better lubrication decision that the engineers who designed the machine
But are those engineers placing a greater importance on fuel economy (CAFE) than engine life? By all accounts they are...why then the need for bringing on 5W-20 wt oils??
It is the WWF mentality, if 5w-30 is good 20w-50 must be better?  
My reason for trying Mobil 1 0W-40 is because my research has suggested that this oil satisfies my cold weather requirements (0W-xx) as well as the ability to 'stay in grade' over a longer period of time. Oil analysis has proven this...


You may be correct about CAFE being more important than durability to the Mfgr. I know that the clearances in a V8SHO are snug as can be and to me would indicate any 40W would be ill advised except in hot areas where cold start temps would always be above 50 F.

My oil analysis program started at 500 mile oil change and anyone can download it from V8SHO. Using the 5k oil change interval I know I have replaced good Mobil 1 5w-30 with fresh oil for the last 80k.

If I move to some place hot I might use something like a 5w-40 summer, 0w-30 winter once I get over 100k.  I use Mobil 1 so I don't have to worry about my oil staying in grade.


Several years ago I spoke to a petroleum engineer at Quaker State and he told me that 20W-50 wouldn't pump through an engine below 30 degrees F. There are only a few places in the US that this oil would be safe to use year round. I use it in my 1950 Chevy which gets taken out only on nice sunny days. In my SHO I use 5W-30. When I change the transmission fluid I plan to look at Motorcraft Mercon V.

Best regards,
W. Jay Kellogg

Only 98-99 V8SHOs are designed for Mercon V, use the correct stuff. I had my 97 ATX rebuilt for Mercon V use when it FUBARED at 48k, 


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