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More Critter Issues

New 1/9/05

Okay, suffice to say I am getting somewhat concerned that the Whoosh seems to attract more then it's share of small rodents. I got to work yesterday and decided to see what had started to cause a stuttering I was experiencing revealed a whole lot of my hood insulation had been turned into a cozy little nest on top of the two middle runners on my intake manifold. I stop to think that I might run into the office and grab one of our digital cameras and get a shot of it but something told me I should go ahead and remove it. As I grabbed it it felt squiggly, I pitched it quickly when I spotted a tail drop out of it. I recall hearing a dog of mine after it was bit by one I was taking out on a glue trap when the dog thought it was an easy meal. Guess it was Mighty Mouse cause he sure flew quite a ways.

By the way, I will be posting pictures of the fuel pump wire issue I had a year and a half ago as soon as I revive my Compaq.

Carter Fuji

Run for a week without an air filter? Vacuum them up?


Wonder how well the K & N would do if any of them got close enough to teh filter under WOT?

Powered by RODENT!

Carter Fuji

SHO CFM is pretty high at 6800 RPM.


When I lived in the NM desert I would find rodent pellets. Birds of prey would ruba chuck rodent bones and pelts, the stuff they could not digest.

But only in Arkansas would a SHO leave a trail of rodent bones.


Warm car up to 175 degrees.

Try a little tinfoil wrap, some spray-on Pam (summer herb works nice), a touch of basil and then salt-n-pepper to taste.

Drive car with ambient temperature above 60 degrees for 20 minutes. The tinfoil will sear in the juice after about twenty minutes of 80 highway travel.

Lightly unwrap and serve with small red potatoes, side salad and summer ice tea.

Serves one.

If you can't beat 'em...eat 'em.

Scott Waters
Member of Bird of the Month Club
(Aug 2000, @ 72mph)

That's just wrong and on so many levels.

Doug Lewis
Ford Performance Specialists Inc.
Atlanta Georgia
(770) 949-7191

I chased a mouse out of my '89 after I got it back from my daughter with the sprayer at the car wash while the engine was cold but running.


Been a "Mousy" year at the Lehmann Ranch too. Never seen a car SOOOO loved by rodents either - Its just WEIRD. Anyhow, I tried several repellants and seem to be quite happy loading down the trouble spots with Powdered Cayenne Red Pepper. Blew a bunch up through the screw holes in my rocker panels on the Garage Queen and haven't heard a single "Munch" since (no idea HOW to get the kibbles back OUT of there however...). Put pepper liberally under the hood in areas where the little devils would perch and snack and there are no further signs of occupation. I'll keep you posted, too soon to tell for real.

Eric Lehmann


responding to the critter issues.

I have a 98 (cams welded by Kirk) and I had a mouse issue the first week I owned the car. My car is garaged, however, these little guys still get in there.

I simply leave my hood open when I park the car in the garage each night. No more problem. Mice do not like building in a place without overhead cover.

-Steve Botellio

Silver '98



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