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Multifunction Switch R&R

new 9/23/02, updated 1/4/03

Tim could you post this on the V8 SHO site?

Tools you will need to remove the multifunction switch are a phillips screw driver, an 8mm socket or nut driver and a T15 Torx driver .

1. Remove the panel under the steering column that is retained by 2-8mm screws.

2. Remove the ignition lock cylinder. Use the T15 Torx driver to push up on the pin.

Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder Removal

Disconnect battery ground cable.

Turn ignition switch lock cylinder to RUN position.

Place a 3.17 mm (1/8-inch or I use the T20 torx driver) diameter wire pin or small drift punch in hole in lower steering column shroud under ignition switch. Press retaining pin while pulling out on ignition switch lock cylinder to remove it from steering column lock cylinder housing.

It sounds easier than it is. Push up on the pin and pull out on the key. When the lock cylinder comes out just a bit, release pressure on the pin and the cylinder will come out.

Then remove the column shroud that is held in place by three phillips screws.

The Multifunction switch is held in place by two T15 Torx screws.

To put it all back together, reinstall the multifunction switch, place the bottom part of the column shroud then..........

Installation of ignition switch lock cylinder

1. Install ignition switch lock cylinder by turning it to RUN position (should still be in that position). Insert ignition switch lock cylinder into steering column lock cylinder housing. Make sure ignition switch lock cylinder is fully seated and aligned in interlocking washer before turning ignition switch lock cylinder to OFF position. This will permit cylinder retaining pin to extend into steering column tube flange hole.

2. Rotate ignition switch lock cylinder, using lock cylinder key, to make sure switch works in all positions.

3. Connect battery ground cable.

Once the lock cylinder is installed, replace the top part of the shroud being sure to get the plastic pins of the bottom piece in the respective holes of the top piece. Then screw in the phillips screws and replace the bottom cover under the column.

Paul N

Nice work, Thanks Paul.  - Buford

Hi, great site!!

I just replaced my multi function switch and the torx screws were T15 not T20. 

I'd hate to see someone have to buy another tool or something for incorrect info.

Jeff Johnson

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