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Multifunction Switch for 99's

New 1/25/05

I see V8SHO.com lists a TSB for the multifunction switch on '99s:

99-24-3 ISSUE: The front windshield wipers may operate while the multifunction switch is in the OFF position on some vehicles. This may be caused by a resistance drift in the multifunction switch or a partially plugged-in connector.

This is exactly what is happening to my vehicle (specifically when the wheel is turned left, the wipers go). I don't see anywhere on the site how to fix this though (just instructions for replacing the switch)....is there a fix for this 'resistance drift' beyond just replacing the entire unit?

Thanks, -Tim

'99 ES welded, 63k

The only "fix" is to replace the MFS with an improved redesigned switch. Motorcraft part SW-5585, Ford part XF1Z-13K359-AAC. These two parts are identical. To save some money, find a parts store that sells Motorcraft.

Glen Murdock

Doh! Any idea on prices?

List price on the Ford part is $90.58. From www.Fordpartsnetwork.com $76.09. You should be able to get it from a parts store for @ $50-$60.

Glen Murdock

www.Rockauto.com has them for 49.79. just search for the number.

 Richard Wills

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