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Mystery Coolant Leak

New 11/19/2004

Looking for any assistance locating this coolant leak on a 97. Coolant is
pooling on top of tranny and back side. This leak looks like it should be
coming from the heater hose around where it passes under the air intake.
However, the hose seems intact and is not wet. I have flexed the hose and
cannot get coolant to leak from it. No other areas around the thermostat,
water pump, or throttle body are wet and the hoses are all dry. With the
motor running, I cannot see the leak. When you run the motor at 2000 -
3000 rpm for a couple minutes, you see the pooled coolant but no sign of
the leak point. Can anyone offer advice?

John Stoessel
Somebody here probably has a diagram that shows it in detail but just about everything that connects to or from the coolant pump is right above the bellhousing area of the tranny. Of course if you are actually refering to the transaxle section of the transmission behind the engine, then it is pretty much only the heater hoses unless you have a leaking freeze plug, head gasket or cylinder head itself.

Carter Fuji
Found the leak. It was in the same hose as my wife's SHO. The short hose
that connects the water pump to the rear cylinder head. It is a #$%@!! to
change, especially with those spring clamps. Fortunately, this hose can be
made from any hose with the same diameter and 3" of straight run. The hose
was leaking at the bottom. After flexing the hose a few times, I was able
to open up a 1" slit that poured coolant out when the engine speed was
increased, so I confirmed the leak source and changed it out.

Thanks for the responses to my request.


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