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NHTSA & Ford Help Update



I just got off the phone with Ford customer service and this is the latest. My vehicle is not on the list for recall (not surprising). I asked the rep if anything is going on concerning the cam shaft issue. I was told that the NHTSA is currently investigating the matter and that I will be notified by mail of the outcome. I told him of my concern and that the Ford dealership here in Colorado Springs wants to charge me $13,000 for a rebuilt SHO motor if and when my cams do fail. He told me that if the cams fail before the outcome of the NHTSA investigation, to keep all of my receipts. I do know that they are now aware of the law suit and they are aware of us at V8SHO.com and apparently we are wearing them down because I have gotten more answers today then in the past three months. I also mentioned the coil pack issue with my car but that is another story... 

Happy Motoring!


Stephen G. Jacobs
NCOIC, Training
544 Information Operations Group

Thanks Jake,

I spent weeks on the phone trying to find someone at NHTSA who even knows what a camshaft does. I finally got someone, and she told me her job was to help the auto makers devise recalls at absolute minimal cost. Folks have submitted reports to NHTSA left and right yet the reports never made it to the web site. NHTSA never returned any on my numerous phone calls. At this point I don't know that we want or need a half a$$ forced NHTSA recall since NHTSA is just Ford's Washington DC office.

If we had a recall, Fud dealerships, the same ones who pooched us all along would have to do the work. Say it was that or a check for (big chunk of change)* to spend any way you want?

Joke Ford.

*since exact amount can be a function of jury I don't want to guess what it may be.

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