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Nate Stein Cam Failure #456

New 10/8/04

the car started making a ticking sound last week. i realized it was coming from the inside the engine. on monday i went to the web to find if there was anyone in washington state that was experienced with the v-8. the first thing i notice is a couple of sites with the words cam failure on them. one of these sited had your link on it and when i got here and saw all the cam links i knew i was screwed. i visited your site when i first bought my car back in 2001 and don't recall seeing anything about cam problems hence i never got the word on weld job witch i would have done. anyway my truck was out of gas and had to do the family shopping thing and without proper judgment i loaded us up for our three mile drive to the local safeway. stopped to get some gas and when pulling out of the lot the car vibrated and dyed. the wife looked at me cause i was just telling her about the info i had uncovered about the car. boy this car is heavy. the thing that makes this so hard to handle is the fact that im still paying off my car loan until may of 2006. since im broke like the rest of us im in the process of tearing down the car myself with the repair manual in hand. im pretty sure that the sprockets are under what i would like to call the valve covers knowing this car has none. there are only 70 some steps for the right side cover and about 80 for the left side. do you know if this is where i need to pull it apart? if so then when its apart im gonna load it on a trailer and take it to some one to weld. i hoping that i don't have any other problems in the engine since i never heard anything weird and the fact that when it happen my wife was only going like 4 or 5 miles a hour. do you think my idea is doable? my wife really loves her car and so do i vroom, vroom. it has been a great car and only had two problems since i have owned it. the brake pads and some how the crankshaft position sensor plug wiggled loose and prevented the car from starting. the car ran great until the noise came in. this car has 148,000 miles and ran like a top. anyhow wanted to tell you my story and requesting advise. im about 30 percent thru the site reading everything. looking for a junker to buy this weekend so me and the wife can drive or separate ways. i don't think i can wait in the bank line or the post office parking lot one more day and i haven't been fishing in two days now. also i wanted to ad that today i went to ebay to see if there was anything that i could use and i saw two sho's for sale that were advertising that the cam was welded and i saw three that were dead saying they needed new motors. thats it and do ya think i could actually get away with having no other problem in my engine since my speed was so slow when it dyed? maybe i could just open it up, realign the sprocket and have them welded and be good to go? am i just a dreamer? thanks for listening and add me to the list of disappointed sho owners and maybe the lawsuit list.

Nate Stein  n8stein@juno.com

I held this up since Sept 30th hoping Nate would make necessary edits and resend.  That has not happened so here it is as it was submitted. If Nate wants to post a revised edition we will update as required.


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