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Nathan Mellinger - Cam Failure # 166

new 12/28/02

Hello, after reading about the class action suit that was filed against Ford Motor Company, I thought I would drop you a message with my `96 SHO information, for what itís worth. I purchased this car in Sept. `02, with the engine "not running". I am a auto/truck mechanic by trade, and I had always wanted to own a Taurus SHO, whether a V8, or V6, although I preferred the V8. I now have the engine apart, and I found the right engine bank, intake cam timing gear is "stripped" on the camshaft. It also has four bent exhaust valves, on the same side cylinder head. I checked into all of my options on how the repair the engine as cheaply as possible, but I also want the repair to last for years, as I plan to keep the car for a while. I decided to buy a used 1998, 3.4 engine, with 50K miles on it, and use the cylinder heads, cams, timing gears/chains/guides, and a few other parts from it. The Taurus that I bought has 130K miles on it, so Iíll use as many of the "lower mileage" parts off the `98 engine. I purchased this engine for $1,000, as it had bad connecting rod bearings, and that supposedly happened after a "motor flush" was performed on it at Pep Boys. I also sent my four cams, from the `98 motor, to The SHO Shop, in CA, to have the "roll pin solution" performed on them. One note on the `98 engineís cams...the exhaust cam timing gear, on the right side engine bank, was showing signs of "stripping" also. The gear had some "play" on the camshaft, and it probably wouldnít have been long before this cam/gear wouldíve failed also. The SHO Shop told me they should be able to save this camshaft by pinning it. One thing that really disappoints me about this whole camshaft problem is what Ford Motor Company is charging for the repair parts. A "valve/head" gasket set, (engine upper half gaskets only), lists for over $550! And I heard the camshafts sell for $900 a piece! You would think that they would at least cut us a break, (a BIG break), on the parts to make the repairs. There are no "after market" parts available from the local auto parts stores either, (i.e. NAPA, Car Quest, etc.), for the SHO 3.4 engines. Iíll have over $2,000 wrapped up in my car, to get it running again, and Iím doing the repairs myself. Donít get me wrong...I love Ford Motor Company products, (I own nine of them, and counting!), I just think that they know this was a design flaw, and I think that they should help with the repair costs, even if it only means offering the repair parts at "hugely" discounted prices. Iíll stop now, and leave you with my name, address, phone number, and my SHO`s ID number...I hope my information helps you. Thank you for listening, and good luck with your lawsuit.

Nathan J. Mellinger
656 Poplar Street
Denver, PA 17517
Telephone number-717-336-3150
1996 Taurus SHO ID number-1FALP54N1TA315907,
mileage 133,358

try http://www.1stfordparts.com/ and http://www.fordpartsnetwork.com for parts. Might save you some significant $$.

I don't know much about 1stford parts but I like there prices.  Ford Parts Network has a great reputation for price and service.


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