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New Cam Welder In Colorado!


Sounds like you've been doing your homework, and we need a guy like
you in Denver, That whole western plains area is a bit of a vacuum.
Those welds look a bit bumpy, but solid. What amperage and wire are
you guys using?

I'm going to be in the air quite a bit in the next few days - 4
flights by Thursday - so I may be a little tardy with my replies.
Please be patient with me.

jose rosales<jlros75@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Eric, I bought my car in january of 2002 and knew since the beggining
about the cam failure but at that time nobody did the welding here in the
west; by april of 2003 I went to Peoria Illinois to have it welded by Kirk
Doucette at Don Mallison's house. (it was a cam fest) It was welded at 103k
and now has 193k. I am also member at shoforum and tcca, and know about
V8SHO.COM since 2000. With that being said you might know that I have
learned almost any trick about cam welding and fixing sho's overall.
As my ad on craigslist says I do at time of welding a complete tune up (ford
platinum spark plugs gapped at .44) I clean the upper intake making sure to
remove all the deposits on the EGR passage that loves to get clogged.
I also remove the lower intake with butterflies and clean them out of the
car. I re-wrapped the rear harness putting special attention in the coil
connectors because those are the ones that get melted to the valve cover.
I also clean the IAC valve and the throttle body to allow movement without
the gunk it gets.
I use spray paint for the intake gaskets as suggested by SHOZ123 in shoforum
and have had really good results.
As per the welding itself I have an auto mechanic that owns a shop do the
welding for me because he has many years of welding experience and he
practiced in a failed cam the first to cam weld jobs (now he knows what temp
to use) again as per v8sho info we do three spot welds on each cam; one at a
time on each cam to allow enough time of cooling; and remove as much
welding debris from the engine as possible and then finish with an oil
change. I also do the coil swap front to back and put silicone in the coil
cracks to prevent as much arch as possible.
I will provide with the names and phone number of my customer for you to
make any inquire you consider necessary. The fist one is :Fred
Wucherpfennig he is known as Rubidyst on shoforum and I welded a 98 black
with 94k Vin # 1FAFP54N8WA224036 and his phone # is 720-490-5795.
Second is Bill 720-333-5033 96 TR Red 122k Vin # 1FALP54NXTA301925 This one
I just finished the cam welding and it was a front exhaust cam failure (it
didn't spun but it was ready to because it was already making the ticking
noise. and doing lateral movement) This cam I did the welding all the way
around to prevent any failure later on.

Third one is Jeremy 720-934-4983 I welded a 97 TR Red with 74k for Him but I
don't have the car info right now I have to look for it. He is a returned
customer because on December I sold his dad a white 97 that was a cam failed
car and I installed a 98 engine with 80k and welded the cams, that one is
registered as cam failure #998

I did another one but lost the info.
Here are some pictures.
and I am located in Wheat ridge which is 10 minutes away from Denver Colorado
I am thinking on buying my own welding machine to go do weldings out of
town if necessary.

Let me know if you need more details.

From: E1 <zenriddles@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Cam failure info
To: "jose rosales" <jlros75@yahoo.com>
Hey Jose,
Where are you located?
Do you have some pictures we could see?
Maybe a few comments from a couple of your customers?
A few details of what you do during your welding service? - i.e. some
guys go crazy, check all the valve shims, clean all the intakes,
change o rings on the fuel injectors, wax the inside of the tail
pipes, etc. Some guys just take off the valve covers, weld it, put it
back together and send them on their way having done nothing more.
We sort of have a loose rule of ten camwelds, but the cars are getting
a lot more scarce then they were back 5 years ago, so we can probably
waive that.
That said, thanks for reporting the cam failures and doing your part to
help save a few SHO's.

On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 11:50 PM, José rosales<jlros75@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi, just wanted to report a cam failure in the denver craigslist of a 98
also on a 96 TR sho I just welded, the front exhaust cam was getting loose
and allowing lateral movement; it was also ticking so before I opened I
it was a cam failure. Vin # 1FALP54NXTA301925

I would like to be added to the welders list; I have welded 5 cars since
last year with no problems.
If you have more questions you can email me or call me at: 720-447-6663 My
name is Jose Luis Rosales.


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