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New Cam Prices?

new 2/25/03, updated 2/27/03

This was sent to me off list?

Could it be true?


Just some information the group may be interested in.

My husband and I am looking at purchasing a V8 SHO which had an engine concern that could be a cam. We priced some parts at the dealer including camshafts and found the cams were much cheaper than was told by some people. 

Here are the parts and prices:
1) 3F1Z-6250-BA $150.79
2) 3F1Z-6250-EA $150.79
3) 3F1Z-6250-CAA $150.79
4) 3F1Z-6250-DAA $150.79

The dealer told me these are new numbers for these parts. Could they be improved over the old parts?

Just spent the last hour pumping my favorite local Ford parts guy on this camshaft price issue. Here is what he has told me: These new cams, which do NOT show up when an inquiry for them is made on the standard parts screen, are "EMERGENCY ORDER ONLY". In other words if he puts these numbers in on a regular order they will be ignored. The Original numbers were discontinued as of Feb. 4th. The new numbers replace it as of February 6th. These new camshafts are not, I repeat, NOT in stock in any of Fords warehouses. They are in a packaging company location only, whatever that means. He said the only way I was ever going to get to see one was to put down the full order amount, including Emergency surcharge of at least $25, maybe more.

Not real sure Ford would let me order anything from them at this point. Maybe somebody else can get different information.

Carter Fuji
Just another former customer and millions of Fords dollars
'97 ES Whoosh
Greenwood, AR.


Local Ford dealer parts department verified the new part numbers and prices are for the 3.4 V8 engine application. The numbers posted have replaced the original camshaft part numbers, list price is $150.79 each. The catch: none are currently available, although it *is* a _2003_ part. Which means, according to the parts guy, that they are most likely retooling for a new production run and/or redesigning the camshaft in the process. He even said, without my prompting, that he was aware of a problem Ford was having with the engines. "With the valve seats, or was it..." - "the camshafts" - "right, the cam sprockets."

The new parts are available to order only on an emergency basis.

Hope that helps!
Ben Sprague

Ripon Ford Mercury, Ripon, WI

I checked with my local dealer and he says the "new" part numbers do not exist yet (that also means they are NOT the 3.0L DOHC units either), but he says his computer updates at the first of every month, so maybe next week he will have them. The old part numbers are still valid on his computer (same deal maybe.)

I will believe these new cheap cams when I have one in my hands (or someone else does).

Don Mallinson


I work at a Ford dealership and checked today about the prices. They are correct. I wouldn't go running out and plop down the $600 to buy them. And that's even if you can have a dealer order you them, which unless you have connections is pretty much hopeless. It may cost a total of $1500 or more after installation. I can't imagine being quoted anything less than 8 hours for the work. Even then they still are the old design. You still should get them welded, which the dealer won't do, so look at another $400 or so on top of everything. At close to $2000, I would just hold out for redesigned cams if someone has to have them that bad.

Brian Kelly

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