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New List Rules


For the first time ever I temporally suspended someone from the list for unrelenting personal attacks and vile language. Being a list moderator is my least favorite responsibility as web master. I believe the least government is the best government and I am loath to interfere.

It is one thing to question a persons judgment or choices, another to bring their parents or anatomy into the situation. Like any family, our list has a fair amount of good natured kidding goes on. That is fine. The malicious name calling, personal attacks, vulgarity and profanity will not be accepted. I know 99.9 % of us understand the important distinction and I no longer value the company of those who do not.

As many of you may know, there is a smaller group within V8 SHO still pushing for resolution of the cam sprocket issue on our behalf. Suffice it say we may assume we are being monitored by Ford, in order to discredit us. We have in the past been characterized by Ford as kids who abuse and neglect their cars.

Imagine any phrase or sentence you submit to the list being taken out of context and used to embarrass us or make us look like we abuse our cars or do not treat them well. That is our worst fear. We will be judged by what we tolerate as our standards or norms.

We have the advantage that we do not have archives. And reason to suspect that if they monitor us now they are taking a low key approach, for example we have TSBs, and a Lincoln Forum as been served notice to remove their TSBs by Ford. If asked we may have to soon remove ours.

If we are not being watched, we will be very soon. Anything we say can and will be held against us.

Thus we will see the standards for behavior on V8SHO become stricter not more lax from here on out.

Since you now know why, I expect thoughtful cooperation from the usual gang of 265 suspects. ;-)


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