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New Peepers

new 2/29/2004

Despite new headlamp assy's with Silverstar bulbs I found that my SHO headlights were still noticeable less bright than the stock halogens on our new Saab. Well, problem solved. All it took was a modest investment, a few nights at the workbench, and about 75 different hand tools.

The result is a '97 SHO with fully functional bi-xenon projector beam headlights: (pics attached).

Needless to say, visibility is infinitely improved. When I get around to figuring out why my digital cam keeps telling me it's "full" when I know it's not I'll post some night shots.


Mike Testa
97 VW, 122k
Welds, bi-xenons

SHO_before-xenon.JPG (19337 bytes)    SHO_xenon4.JPG (21107 bytes)    SHO_xenon6.JPG (19269 bytes)

Before                        After #1                After#2

Michael did you also do a harness upgrade ? I like the xenon but the harness/silverstar set up is quite good . You must be able to see in xray vision now though ! 



I built my own 10/12 ga. harness and relay setup for the ballasts and I plugged the hi-beam solenoids directly into the stock headlamp harnesses. The only mod needed was a 3A diode in each to prevent arcing at the multi-function switch.

I was pretty happy with the SilverStars until I drove the Saab, that's when I committed to the upgrade. Night & day difference with the bi-xenons, if you'll pardon the pun.

After looking daytime shots are killer looking. Where did you find these at and how long?

Carter Fuji 


I picked up Audi projectors and ballasts on eBay, then built adapter plates to mount them to the stock SHO headlight gimbal so they're adjustable.

Total fab & install time was ~16 hours over 4 days, though with what I learned in the process I could probably knock 10 hours off that next time around.


Mike has promised a full write up on his killer light project. 


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