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New Struts and Sex

new 6/13/03


First, I'm a recent onlooker (3 months) to v8sho.com and I believe I'm the V8SHO owner living closest to Kirk (15 miles). Guess who welded my CAM's?

I see a posting today about changing power steering fluid. I've done this regularly at around 30K intervals along with tranny fluid but have developed play in steering wheel and nibbling when driving at highway speeds. Feels like a wheel out of balance. Have had wheels rotated and checked for balance and they always check out ok but I still have that same feel of an out of balance wheel. It got better not perfect for a short time after rotation and balance check. Wondering if anyone has ideas about what might be wrong or checked. Hopefully it is something simple and not ZF steering related.

Also I'm wondering if anyone is blowing through alternators. Just replace my second one in the last 18 months.

Scott Buckley
97 Toreador Red
123,002 miles
CAM's welded by Kirk

Are your struts of recent vintage? Mine only lasted less than 60k. 

Not sure about alt, they don't fail, but the housing cracks? 

See also flat rate tech link on the v8sho home page and you may also want to ask the list. http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/sublist.html 

300 heads are better than one.


Original struts

Signed up and sent to group, thanks!


Buddy you need fresh struts!! try that first.


Scott, the strut change made a big difference in the steering and handling. I still have a little vibration, but the tires have 8k on them I need a good high speed balance. Kirk discovered that my left strut had been replaced at some point. I bought the car from the local ford dealer with 13k in April of 98 the car was a ford executive car and I always suspected it had been in an accident because the left rear had been painted with a slightly different Black paint ( no metal flakes in it), So I think that one strut, having more wear on it may have contributed to the play in the steering at speed. How many miles on your car? and have the struts been changed at all?


Play in the steering wheel may be the lower steering shaft. It is a know problem. F7DZ-3B676-AA steering column lower shaft. Or may be the front wheel bearings.

My alternator went out at ~100k. What kind of failures are you having with the alternator?

Paul Nimz
'97 TR SHO
'93 EG mtx SHO


Finally had a chance to have Kirk change my struts, end links and bushings. You were right. What a difference!!! Did a 4 wheel alignment and road force balanced the wheels. Lots of money but money well spent. It's feels like brand new......

Thanks for your feedback,

Scott Buckley
97 Toreador Red
127,212 miles
CAM's welded by Kirk

Not exactly sex, but it ain't bad. ;-)

Flush your PS too?


Hi Tim,

I've been like clock work at flushing PS and tranny fluids every 30K with all my cars . My wife is the Fleet Manager of a large fleet (2700+ vehicles) and has always told be to do both regularly. Especially the FORDS.

Good question to pose to the forum. Which would you rather have fresh struts or sex?

Have a great weekend! I know I will zipping along the back roads of Massachusetts enjoying my new struts....

Thanks, Scott

May I excerpt from this thread for FAQ?


Sure not a problem.

Have a good weekend!


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