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Next Edition V8SHO Screen Saver

New 8/2/05

Greetings SHO fans,

Larry and I agree that itís just about time to start working on the next edition of our V8SHO screensaver. So that being the case take a look at your favorite convention pictures and break out the digital cameras and collect some great shots of you car! Iím sure post convention that there are many great pictures that have yet to be seen.

All pictures can be e-mailed to me. Last time we worked on the screensaver a virus took down the Virginia Tech e-mail servers and I was cut off from communication right in the middle of the project, so I think Iíll go with my gmail account this time, hopefully there wonít be any difficulty getting pictures to me.

Primary e-mail:

Alternate e-mails if you need them for some reason:

You can also contact me and send pictures to me through AOL IM. My screen name is:

If you have conventional pictures and no means of digitizing them, but you still want to be in the screensaver, contact me, and Iíll arrange for you to mail them to me, I can scan them in and get you into the screensaver.

To keep the quality of our screensaver high, here are a few guidelines when collecting your pictures:

The tentative deadline will be a month from today, so try to have your pictures to me by September 1st. As before it will take some time after the deadline to process all the pictures and get them inserted into the screensaver software (which tends to be temperamental!). Plus by then Iíll be back in school. So if any late pictures come in after the deadline but before the actual release, Iíll try to get them in, but do your best to get everything to me before 9/1.

Thatís all the info I have for you for now. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at any of the above addresses, or send me an IM.

Good luck,

97 ES

Mike did a fantastic job about a year or so ago to update the screensaver for the 2004 version. While we always like to see the tricked out cars, I'd like more faces that we can attach to the cars. The cars are merely a great excuse for some great people getting together and enjoying each others company. I'm sending Mike my complete CD for him to pick and choose from. I have about 250 or so convention shots, mostly of social activities. I know Beth is also working on a DVD.

Do as Mike suggests, get your favorites of both your car and yourselves or a gathering and forward along to Mike. He does a hell of a job and I can guarantee you that the end result will help continue on the history of V8SHO.Com.



I don't know how many of you out there are still film guys, but if anyone would like to have there negs scanned (assuming 35mm of course), contact me off list.

I don't mind doing a few here or there but I wouldn't want to do a whole album or anything.

My scanner can go up to 4000dpi. A 2000dpi scan produces a 16meg file. The last time I did a 4000dpi it was something like 65meg.

All the best,



Today marks the tentative deadline for submitting pictures for the new screensaver. Of course it will take some time to get it all put together, there is still much work to be done. Iíll try to get it out to everyone as soon as possible, of course now Iím in the middle of school and classes, but Iím really looking forward to seeing the new version complete! If anyone has any last minute pictures you want to submit for the screensaver, please send them now! as before, if you can get them to me before the new screensaver is done I should be able to get them in there for you anyway, but if you want to get some in yet, donít delay!

Iíll make another announcement when itís all done and ready for download. Thanks for everyone who contributed!


97 ES

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