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Noise From the Back of the SHO


I read the one e-mail about the rattling that sounds like it was coming from the trunk, well my car does the same thing. The hubby and I jacked up the rear of the car and checked the shocks, springs, and sway bars. Everything was tight and looked to be in good shape. The tires may have 1k on them. Any other suggestions

Sway bar mounts or end links possibly the upper spring mounts. Not sure what Rav finally did to his but it sure was driving him and Chuck crazy trying to find the cause.

Carter Fuji
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Top strut mounts? To confirm the problem on ours, I rode in the trunk while the AWA drove around on rough roads. 

k mier

On the driverís side rear somewhere just around the wheel is some sort of lever that seems to be tied into the braking system IIRC
Mine rattles, and sometimes makes a bit of a chunking noise.
The slot in the lever is worn too large for whatever is riding in it.
Sorry I canít be a lot more clear Ö it has been a while since I have looked at it.

Philip E.

97ES Welded
Sounds like the brake proportioning valve.

Jon Heese
Ride in the trunk.


PS have a flashlight.
Strut mount. Both of mine did that too.
Joe Roux
In addition to the many good suggestions you have received so far, you may want to consider the parking brake adjust turn-buckle. If there is any slack in the cable when the parking brake is OFF, the turn-buckle has a tendency to rattle against the rocker panel. Just don't over tighten it or you'll end up dragging the rear brakes everywhere. 

Dan Carman
Philadelphia, PA

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