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Notes on NOS Mod

New 11/16/2004, updated 11/30/2004

A couple people asked me, here is a follow-up on what I have observed and
experienced with my 97's multi-position chip and NOS mods, now that I have
had it this way for a couple months.

Regarding the NOS; I have used this very sparingly. I have not yet raced it
at a track. It is a truly phenomenal performance mod for the money. When I
fire it from a stop, the car smokes the tires to shreds, I have only done
that once intentionally. Obviously I would need different tires at the
track. From a rolling start it rocks back and takes off like a rocket, and I
discovered how significant the SARC is at leveling the car by comparing it
both on and off.

I have no track slips to share, but my G-tech numbers are amazing on the
NOS, and G-Techs show net hp readings. So amazing in fact that I am not
about to post them here. (And I did weigh my car and set it up correctly

In terms of what I can compare the car to; well, I don't make a habit of
doing any real street racing, just occasional playing around, but this car
is a LOT faster with NOS than some cars that ordinarily would embarrass me.
(such as a notorious hopped up Nova SS that apparently lies in wait for me,
personally, out in the county) I have yet to try more than a 6-7 second burn
and probably won't, but from 40-50 mph it gets into the triple numbers very
fast, an amazing rush.

With just the "aggressive" setting on the chip, which for obvious reasons is
my daily driver setting, there is a hugely noticeable performance increase.
Throttle response, shifts, overall "feel" is a very distinct performance
improvement, I honestly cannot imagine why you wouldn't put a chip in these
cars considering how few aftermarket options there are.

If anyone is interested in more details let me know, glad to share thoughts
and would also like to hear from anyone else with similar mods.


On the bottle warmer: highly recommended, makes a difference especially
when the bottle gets low.

On my apparently dirty engine - it's really not very dirty at all, that
pic of the Zex box makes it look grungy I realize.

What plugs are you running?

Denso iridium, IT-16's

You want a cooler plug... Like IT--20's I believe. Denso's increase
the number for a cooler plug.


I`m getin ready to add BBBs , 210Lb pump , 32Lb injectors , programing , and a 125hp shot of ZEX dry system . SHOuld be interesting . I may have a few ?s in the near future . What size nozzle you using ?

B.King 13

75 hp nozzle, don't think I would go over that without similar additions.


In the analysis that the original Gen 3 nitrous folks did, a 75 shot is
perfectly safe with the current pcm. Folks tried 85 and 100, but 125 will
need some additional pcm tuning.

With the 75 or 85 shot, the cars will run 14-flat on street tires, and 13.80
was the best on Nitto DRs, with trap speeds around 100-101.

Ron Porter

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