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Number 11 This Month

new 110/24/01, thanks to a friend of V8SHO

I owned a '97 SHO, which I acquired at Ford's "B Lot". This car had 9,000 miles on it when I bought it in '98. Two years later I noticed a ticking sound under the valve covers. This is with about 56,000 miles. With the help of my brother who is an Ace mechanic, we assumed it was valve lash. So we took it apart and proceeded to check the gap of each valve. They did not look too bad but I replaced the few that were a little beyond spec.

After putting it all back together, Noticed the sound was still there, only a little louder. Needless to say we were stumped. Then a few weeks later the engine practically lost 90% power on my way home from work. I was able to limp it home (about 2 miles). Then proceeded to take it all apart again! Noticed while bumping the engine the right-hand intake side cam was not turning. TA-DA!

Ordered a new cam from a local Ford dealer, and only $98 and 3 days later, I was back in business. Nothing else was damaged. The car ran fine. But I did get rid of it by Jan. '00 If you need further info. Please reply.

Name with held by request

- The vin# is 1FALP54N2VA262539


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