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Oct 2005 Screensaver

New 10/14/05, 5/18/05

Hey, Try V8SHO Links First (right click, save as)

images/ss2005/V8SHO2005.exe.BAT 1K

images/ss2005/V8SHO2005.exe.001 5MB

images/ss2005/V8SHO2005.exe.002 5MB

images/ss2005/V8SHO2005.exe.003 5MB

images/ss2005/V8SHO2005.exe.004 5MB

images/ss2005/V8SHO2005.exe.005 5MB

images/ss2005/V8SHO2005.exe.006 5MB


images/ss2005/V8SHO2005.exe  28MB

-----Original Message-----
To: Larry Eck
Sent: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 11:00:02 -0400
Subject: Screensaver Release

Hey guys,

The release version of our new screensaver is up on the server. A full install file is here:


Larry, can you rename that file to V8SHO2005.exe when it goes on the web server? One of the earlier betas was named that so I couldn't name the release version the same thing on there.

As before the file is also split into smaller downloads for dialup users to make it easier to download. The chunks are 4.9MB in size, which is even a bit big for dialup users, but I didn't want too many pieces. I can always make them smaller by splitting it into more pieces if you think that's a better way to go?







and of course the reassemble batch file:


in order for the split download to work, all 6 files must be downloaded and placed into the same directory. The BAT file must be downloaded and placed into the same directory then run, the assembly process will take a while, but when done the install file V8SHO2005.exe should be in that directory ready for installation. If you get a chance, try downloading the split version and assembling it and let me know if there are any issues.

97 ES

Excellent Mike. Tim, could you make a page for the 2005 screensaver and copy and paste Mikes email instructions along with the links. When that is done please send me the V8SHO link off list to the thread, and we will let Mike make the announcement to the list. Thanks again Mike for another great job.

Larry E
97 Red
Mods Welds

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