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Oil Filters & Oil Filter O Rings

New 8/2/05

From: Rich Larsen <richlars@gmail.com>
Subject: Oil leak

Hi guys! I noticed a puddle of oil under the AWA's 97. I looked underneath with a flashlight and couldn't see where it was dripping from. Popped the hood and found the filter had drips down the side and the area above the filter was pretty well caked with dirt/oil around the sensor and above. My first thoughts would be sensor, but should I be looking for anything else?

Thanks, Rich

The 0-ring seal above the oil filter (not the filter itself) from the cooler to the block is susceptible to leaking. Several have posted about this one before

Speaking of filters, did anybody get a picture of Eric's cut-away examples that could be posted? I think it would be real handy for those who didn't go to the convention to see the difference. I realize it meant a lot more when you could see them close up but some of the differences didn't require close inspections to be obvious (like just how poorly designed ALL the Fram filters were).

Carter Fuji

Oil filters 1.jpg (67821 bytes) Oil filters 2.jpg (85100 bytes)
Oil filters 3.jpg (80016 bytes) Oil filters 4.jpg (87865 bytes)
Oil filters top 1.jpg (112247 bytes) Oil filters top 2.jpg (134076 bytes)
Oil filters top 3.jpg (116307 bytes) Oil filters top 4.jpg (124104 bytes)

I was also wondering how the oil filter challenge went. How'd the Mobil 1 filter compare...or am I wasting $10 every oil change ??

Thanks, Stan Phillips

1/8" thick x 2.5 ID x 2.75 OD


On 7/27/2005 9:00:51 AM, Rich Larsen (richlars@gmail.com) wrote:

> Thanks guys! I will give both the sensor and the O-ring a shot tonight. Anyone got an idea of what size the O ring is?

 > Rich

Mobil 1, the Bosch and a third that I don't recall were identical in construction. Interesting to me was that the Motorcraft were very well made and there were two others that were identical to them as well. The obvious wrong choice in construction were the Fram's, even their premium filter looked identical inside as to the cheaper model.

Carter Fuji

Sorry all, I stand corrected. The Mobil 1 and Bosch were not identical, but rather both seem to be of high standards of construction and my personal choices. My wife just went to get the oil changed on her car and came back with a Mobil 1 filter after recalling Eric's display. Previously she would have bought whatever was cheapest.

Carter Fuji

I don't see any WIX filters. Anyone got the inside scoop on them?


I was asking him about those while I was there. Said they just aren't that common up there. Seem to be pretty much a standard at most of the parts stores down here.

Carter Fuji

see also http://www.shoclub.com/lubrication-oil/lubrication-oilpart1.htm


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